Climate Prediction Center (CPC)

Science / Weather / Climate Prediction Center (CPC): A branch of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction,the Center maintains a continuous watch on short-term climate fluctuations and diagnoses and predicts them.

Other Words for Climate

Climate Noun Synonyms: weather, clime

Other Words for Prediction

Prediction Verb Synonyms: forecast, prophecy, augury, prognosis, intimation, hint, suggestion

Hub-Center Steering

Technology / Motorcycle / Hub-Center Steering: One of several different types of front-end suspension/steering mechanisms used in motorcycles. Hub-center steering is characterized by a swingarm that extends from the bottom of the engine/frame to t MORE

Harmonic Prediction

Science / Tides and Currents / Harmonic Prediction: Method of predicting tides and tidal currents by combining the harmonic constituents into a single tide curve. The work is usually performed by electronic digital computer. MORE

Half Center

Business / Machine Shop / Half Center: A dead center that has a portion of the 60 degree cone cut away. MORE

Gene Prediction

Science / Genetics / Gene Prediction: Predictions of possible genes made by a computer program based on how well a stretch of dna sequence matches known gene sequences MORE


Science / Geology / Hypocenter: A point beneath earth's surface where the vibrations of an earthquake are thought to have originated. Also known as the focus. MORE

Investment Climate

Business / Finance / Investment Climate: Factors such as economic, monetary, and other conditions that affect the performance of investments. MORE