Cold Advection

Science / Weather / Cold Advection: The horizontal movement of colder air into a location. Contrast with warm advection.

Other Words for Cold

Cold Adjective Synonyms: chill, chilly, frosty, icy, keen, nippy, freezing, frigid, ice-cold, stone-cold, bitter, bitter-cold, raw, biting, biting-cold, numbing, gelid, wintry, hibernal, brumal, arctic, glacial, polar, hyperborean or hyperboreal, Siberian
Cold Noun Synonyms: head or chest or common cold, influenza, ague, (la or the) grippe, coryza, gravedo, sniffles, the flu, bug, sneezles and wheezles


Business / Finance / Cold-Calling: Refers to the fact that the merger of two firms lessens the probability of default on either firm's debt. MORE

Cold-Light Enlarger

Entertainment / Photography / Cold-Light Enlarger: Enlarger using cold cathode illumination. A diffusion type of enlarger. These types of enlarger heads scatter the light more evenly across the surface of the negative. One advantage of the cold light MORE

Cold Work

Business / Machine Shop / Cold Work: Cold working refers to forming, bending, or hammering a metal well below the melting point. Cold working of metals causes hardening, making them stronger but less ductile. MORE

Cold Wave

Science / Weather / Cold Wave: A rapid fall in temperature within twenty-four hours to temperatures requiring substantially increased protection to agriculture, industry, commerce, and social activities. National Weather Service cr MORE

Cold Stabilisation

Life Style / Wine / Cold Stabilisation: This process merely involves chilling wine prior to bottling. This causes tartaric acid to crystallise out, thereby avoiding the formation of tartrate crystals, specifically potassium hydrogen tartrat MORE

Cold-Rolled Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Cold-Rolled Steel: Steel that has been rolled to accurate size and smooth finish when made. In contrast, hot-rolled steel may have a rough, pitted surface and slag inclusion. MORE