Cold Core Thunderstorms

Science / Weather / Cold Core Thunderstorms: Thunderstorms formed primarily due to steep lapse rates, especially when very cold air aloft overlies warmer surface air.

Other Words for Cold

Cold Noun Synonyms: head or chest or common cold, influenza, ague, (la or the) grippe, coryza, gravedo, sniffles, the flu, bug, sneezles and wheezles
Cold Adjective Synonyms: chill, chilly, frosty, icy, keen, nippy, freezing, frigid, ice-cold, stone-cold, bitter, bitter-cold, raw, biting, biting-cold, numbing, gelid, wintry, hibernal, brumal, arctic, glacial, polar, hyperborean or hyperboreal, Siberian

Other Words for Core

Core Adjective Synonyms: centre, heart, middle, nucleus, inside(s)
Core Noun Synonyms: essence, marrow, heart, pith, gist, quintessence, sum and substance


Entertainment / Music / Encore: A piece of music played at the end of a recital responding to the audiences enthusiastic reaction to the performance, shown by continuous applause. MORE

Dual Core

Technology / Computers / Dual Core: This refers to a new Central Processing Unit (CPU) structure. The difference between a single core and dual core is that a dual core system has two CPU's that are electronically wired together. These MORE

Credit Score

Business / Loan / Credit Score: This is a number that is supposed to show the lender how likely you are to repay a loan--whether you are a good or poor credit risk. This score can be a very big factor in determining whether you will MORE

FICO® Score

Business / Taxes / FICO® Score: Created by the Fair Isaac Corporation, FICO® is the best-known credit scoring system in the US. Based on the information in your credit report, your FICO® score is calculated using complex, propriet MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Hardcore: Term used to describe the level of engagement or fandom with a game, or genre of games. 'Hardcore gamers' are people that identify themselves as being particularly passionate about playing games. This MORE

Honor Score

Entertainment / Bowling / Honor Score: A score deemed worthy of an award by the governing bodies of ten pin bowling. The ultimate honor scores would be a 300 game and 900 series. MORE