Science / Weather / Condensation: The process by which water vapor undergoes a change in state from a gas to a liquid. It is the opposite physical process of evaporation.

Condensation Nuclei

Science / Weather / Condensation Nuclei: A particle upon which condensation of water vapor occurs. It may be either in a solid or liquid state. MORE

Condensation Funnel

Science / Weather / Condensation Funnel: A funnel-shaped cloud consisting of condensed water drops that has possible rotation. MORE

Convective Condensation Level (CCL)

Science / Weather / Convective Condensation Level (CCL): The height at which a parcel of air, if heated sufficiently from below, will rise adiabatically until it is just saturated. MORE

Lifting Condensation Level (LCL)

Science / Weather / Lifting Condensation Level (LCL): The height at which a parcel of moist air becomes saturated when it is lifted dry adiabatically. MORE

Premature Chromosome Condensation (PCC)

Science / Genetics / Premature Chromosome Condensation (PCC): A method of studying chromosomes in the interphase stage of the cell cycle. MORE


Science / Weather / Dew: Condensation in the form of small water drops that forms on grass and other small objects near the ground when the temperature has fallen to the dew point, generally during the nighttime hours. MORE