Science / Weather / Continent: A large land mass rising abruptly from the deep ocean floor, including marginal regions that are shallowly submerged. Continents constitute about one-third of the earth's surface.

Continental Shelf

Science / Marine Biology / Continental Shelf: A broad expanse of ocean bottom sloping gently and seaward from the shoreline to the shelf-slope break at a depth of 100 to 200 m MORE

Continental Drift

Science / Marine Biology / Continental Drift: Horizontal movement of continents located in plates moving via sea-floor spreading MORE


Science / Geology / Supercontinent: A large landmass that forms from the convergence of multiple continents. MORE

Continental Air Mass

Science / Weather / Continental Air Mass: An air mass with continental characteristics. It is a secondary characteristic of an air mass classification, signified by the small 'c' before the primary characteristic, which is based on source reg MORE

Continental Roast

Life Style / Coffee / Continental Roast: Also known as Espresso Roast, After-Dinner Roast, and European Roast. Terms for coffee brought to degrees of roast ranging from somewhat darker than the traditional American norm to dark brown. Acidit MORE

Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing

Technology / Motorcycle / Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing: Established in 1949 by the FIM, it is the oldest motorsport World Championship that is still in existence. Competition is held in well over a dozen countries in 5 continents. Grand Prix motorcycle rac MORE