Continental Shelf

Science / Weather / Continental Shelf: The zone around the continents extending from the low-water mark seaward, typically ending in steep slope to the depths of the ocean floor.

Shelf-Slope Break

Science / Marine Biology / Shelf-Slope Break: Line marking a change from the gently inclined continental shelf to the much steeper depth gradient of the continental slope MORE

Shelf Offering

Business / Finance / Shelf Offering: Offering of registered securities covered by a prospectus whose distribution is not underwritten on a firm commitment basis. The shares may be sold in one block or in small amounts from time to time i MORE

Shelf Registration

Business / Finance / Shelf Registration: A procedure that allows firms to file one registration statement covering several issues of the same security. SEC Rule 415, adopted in the 1980s, allows a corporation to comply with registration requ MORE

Back On The Shelf

Business / Finance / Back On The Shelf: In the context of general equities, permanently cancelled order/interest in a stock by a customer. See: Take a powder. MORE

Top Shelf

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Top Shelf: Placing a shot in the top quarter of the net. MORE

Shelf Life

Entertainment / Photography / Shelf Life: Length of time unused material or chemicals will remain fresh. MORE