Science / Weather / Corona: A pastel halo around the moon or sun created by the diffraction of water droplets. The droplets in the cloud, such as cirrostratus, and the cloud layer itself must be almost perfectly uniform in order for this phenomena to occur. The color display sometimes appears to be iridescent.

Sovereign Coronation

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Sovereign Coronation: Variety developed in Canada and released prior to 1978. Has synonym names Coronation and Summerland 361. Derived from a Lady Patricia x Himrod cross and popular as a Concord-like tablegrape. MORE

Coronary Occlusion

Health / Fitness / Coronary Occlusion: The blocking of the coronary blood vessels. MORE

Coronary Circulation

Health / Fitness / Coronary Circulation: Circulation of blood to the heart muscle associated with the blood carrying capacity of a specific vessel or development of collateral vessels (extra blood vessels). MORE

Coronary Arteries

Science / Biology / Coronary Arteries: Arteries that supply the hearts muscle fibers with nutrients and oxygen. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Extracoronal: The outside of the crown of the tooth. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Intracoronal: The area within the crown of a tooth. MORE