Crepuscular Rays

Science / Weather / Crepuscular Rays: Contrasting, alternating bright and dark rays in the sky. Sunlight is scattered by molecules and particles rendering these bright rays visible. Contrast is enhanced by haze, dust, or mist. These rays are more likely to be seen in the late afternoon, as clouds come between the sun and the observer. A similar effect occurs when the sun shines though a break in a layer of clouds.


Science / Weather / X-Rays: The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that has a very short wave length. It has a wave length longer than gamma rays, yet shorter than visible light. X-rays can penetrate various thicknesses of MORE


Technology / Digital Cameras / Grayscale: A photo made up of varying tones of black and white. Grayscale is synonymous with black and white. MORE

Gamma Rays

Science / Chemistry / Gamma Rays: A very high energy form of electromagnetic radiation, typically with wavelengths of less than 3 pm. Gamma rays are produced by certain nuclear decay processes, and are used to sterilize food. MORE