Cumulus Congestus

Science / Weather / Cumulus Congestus: A strongly sprouting cumulus cloud with generally sharp outlines and often with great vertical development. It may occur as tower-like clouds with cauliflower tops. These clouds may produce abundant showers and may develop further into cumulonimbus.


Science / Weather / Cumulus: One of the three basic cloud forms (the others are cirrus and stratus). It is also one of the two low cloud types. A cloud that develops in a vertical direction from the base (bottom) up. They have fl MORE

Towering Cumulus

Science / Weather / Towering Cumulus: Another name for cumulus congestus, it is a rapidly growing cumulus or an individual dome-shaped clouds whose height exceeds its width. Its distinctive cauliflower top often mean showers below, but la MORE


Science / Weather / Mammatocumulus: An obsolete term for cumulonimbus mammatus, it is a portion of a cumulonimbus cloud that appears as a pouch or udder on the under surface of the cloud. Although they do not cause severe weather, they MORE

Cumulus Mediocris

Science / Weather / Cumulus Mediocris: Cumulus clouds characterized by moderate vertical development with upper protuberances not very marked in appearance. This cloud does not produce precipitation, but could develop into towering cumulus MORE


Science / Weather / Stratocumulus: A low cloud composed of layers or patches of cloud elements. It can form from cumulus clouds becoming more stratiformed and often appears as regularly arranged elements that may be tessellated, rounde MORE

Cumulus Humilis

Science / Weather / Cumulus Humilis: Cumulus clouds with little or no vertical development characterized by a generally flat appearance. Their growth is usually limited by a temperature inversion, which is marked by the unusually uniform MORE