Science / Weather / Deepening: Used in describing the history of a low pressure system or an area of cyclonic circulation, it means a decrease in the central pressure of the system. Although it usually describes the action of a pressure system on a constant pressure chart, it also means a surface low is increasing in cyclonic circulation and acquiring more energy. The opposite of filling.


Health / Dentistry / Filling: Material used to fill a cavity or replace part of a tooth. MORE

Periodontal Pocket

Health / Dentistry / Periodontal Pocket: An abnormal deepening of the gingival crevice. It is caused when disease and infection destroy the ligament that attaches the gum to the tooth and the underlying bone. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Channelization: Engineering watercourses by straightening, widening, or deepening them so water will move faster. While improving drainage, this process can interfere with waste assimilation capacity, disturb fish an MORE