Science / Weather / Degree: A measure of temperature difference representing a single division on a temperature scale.

Other Words for Degree

Degree Adjective Synonyms: grade, level, stage, class, caste, rank, order, scale, standing, status, station, position, situation, estate, condition
Degree Noun Synonyms: measure, magnitude, extent, limit, point, lengths, step

29th Degree

Science / Astrology / 29th Degree: The final degree (29th degree) of any Sign. It is also known as the degree of fate. MORE

Joint Degree

Life Style / College / Joint Degree: Pursuit of two degrees (e.g., business and law) at the same time; students achieving joint degrees frequently benefit from special programs enabling a shortened period of study. MORE

Doctorate Degree

Life Style / College / Doctorate Degree: The highest university degree granted, usually after completion of a master's degree. MORE

Transfer Degree (AA-AS)

Life Style / College / Transfer Degree (AA-AS): Transfer degrees are designed for students who want to complete their first two years of college work and then transfer on to a four-year institution. Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree MORE

Lame Degrees

Science / Astrology / Lame Degrees: See mutilated degrees. MORE

Mutilated Degrees

Science / Astrology / Mutilated Degrees: So designated because of the ancient belief that if the Ascendant, chart ruler or Moon occupied any of these degrees, lameness was indicated. Sometimes referred to as lame degrees, they are: 6°-10° MORE