Science / Weather / Dew: Condensation in the form of small water drops that forms on grass and other small objects near the ground when the temperature has fallen to the dew point, generally during the nighttime hours.

Mildew Resistance

Life Style / Painting / Mildew Resistance: The ability of a coating to resist the growth of molds and mildew. Mildew is particularly prevalent in moist, humid and warm climates. MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Dewars: Brand of blended Scotch whisky, was founded by John Dewar, Senior. In 1846 MORE


Life Style / Painting / Mildewcide: An agent that helps prevent molds or mildew growth on paint. MORE

Tullamore Dew

Entertainment / Liquor / Tullamore Dew: Tullamore Dew is the original blend known the world over for its smooth and gentle flavour MORE

Distant Early Warning Identification Zone (DEWIZ)

Technology / Aviation / Distant Early Warning Identification Zone (DEWIZ): An ADIZ over the coastal waters of the State of Alaska. ADIZ locations and operating and flight plan requirements for civil aircraft operations are specified in FAR Part 99. MORE

Dew Point

Science / Weather / Dew Point: The temperature to which air must be cooled at a constant pressure to become saturated. MORE