Science / Weather / Discontinuity: Comparatively large contrast in meteorological elements over a relatively small distance or period of time. In oceanography, it is the abrupt change or jump of a variable at a line or surface.

Mohorovic Discontinuity

Science / Geology / Mohorovic Discontinuity: The boundary between crust and mantle, marked by a rapid increase in seismic wave velocity to more than 8 kilometers per second. Depth: 5 to 45 kilometers. Abbreviated 'Moho' or 'M-discontinuity.' MORE

Redox-Potential Discontinuity

Science / Marine Biology / Redox-Potential Discontinuity: That depth below the sediment-water interface marking the transition from chemically oxidative to reducing processes MORE

Seismic Discontinuity

Science / Geology / Seismic Discontinuity: A surface within the Earth across which P-wave or S-wave velocities change rapidly, usually by more than +~0.2 kilometer/second. MORE

Internal Tide

Science / Tides and Currents / Internal Tide: A tidal wave propagating along a sharp density discontinuity, such as a thermocline, or in an area of gradually changing (vertically) density. MORE

Progressive Wave

Science / Tides and Currents / Progressive Wave: A wave that advances in distance along the sea surface or at some intermediate depth. Although the wave form itself travels significant distances, the water particles that make up the wave merely desc MORE

Seismic Transition Zone

Science / Geology / Seismic Transition Zone: A seismic discontinuity, found in all parts of the Earth, at which the velocity increases rapidly with depth: especially the one at 300 to 600 kilometers. MORE