Science / Weather / Disturbance: This has several applications. It can apply to a low or cyclone that is small in size and influence. It can also apply to an area that is exhibiting signs of cyclonic development. It may also apply to a stage of tropical cyclone development and is known as a tropical disturbance to distinguish it from other synoptic features.

Other Words for Disturbance

Disturbance Verb Synonyms: disruption, disorder, disorganization, disarrangement, disarray, upheaval, interruption, upset, intrusion, interference
Disturbance Noun Synonyms: commotion, disorder, upset, outburst, tumult, turmoil, turbulence, violence, hubbub, hullabaloo, hurly-burly, uproar, brouhaha, rumpus, brawl, mele, breach of the peace, Donnybrook, fray, affray, fracas, trouble, ruckus

Nondisturbance Clause

Business / Real Estate / Nondisturbance Clause: An agreement where the mortgagee agrees to honor a tenants lease in the event that the mortgage is foreclosed. MORE

Emotional Disturbance

Life Style / Adoption / Emotional Disturbance: Severe, pervasive or chronic emotional/affective condition which prevents a child from performing everyday tasks. This condition is characterized by an inability to build or maintain relationships, in MORE

Tropical Disturbance

Science / Weather / Tropical Disturbance: An area of organized convection, originating in the tropics and occasionally the subtropics, that maintains its identity for 24 hours or more. It is often the first developmental stage of any subseque MORE