Science / Weather / Divergence: Wind movement that results in a horizontal net outflow of air from a particular region. Divergence at lower levels is associated with a downward movement of air from aloft. Contrast with convergence.

Genetic Divergence

Science / Biology / Genetic Divergence: The separation of a populations gene pool from the gene pools of other populations due to mutation, genetic drift, and selection. Continued divergence can lead to speciation. MORE

Source Size

Science / Spiders / Source Size: the size of the virtual electron source in the electron microscope, resulting in illumination divergence, which determines the degree of spatial coherence. The source size is given as an angle, in deg MORE


Technology / Rockets / Half-Angle: The divergence of the exhaust cone referring to the angle one side makes with the centerline. Conventionally 15 to 18 degrees but may be larger or smaller. MORE


Science / Geology / Upwelling: Movement of cold water from the floor of a lake or ocean up into a shallow area. MORE

Gradient Wind

Science / Weather / Gradient Wind: A steady horizontal air motion along curved parallel isobars or contours in an unchanging pressure or contour field, assuming there is no friction and no divergence or convergence. MORE


Business / Finance / Convergence: A project with a negative initial cash flow (cash outflow), which is expected to be followed by one or more future positive cash flows (cash inflows). MORE