Science / Weather / Drought: Abnormal dry weather for a specific area that is sufficiently prolonged for the lack of water to cause serious hydrological imbalance.

Palmer Drought Index

Business / Agriculture / Palmer Drought Index: A measure of the severity of prolonged periods (months or years) of abnormal dryness or wetness over large regions, published periodically by the Joint Agricultural Weather Facility. The Palmer Index MORE

National Drought Policy Commission

Business / Agriculture / National Drought Policy Commission: P.L. 105-199 (July 16, 1998), the National Drought Policy Act, authorized creation of the Commission to conduct a study of current federal, state, local and tribal drought preparedness, and review law MORE

Listán Negro

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Listán Negro: Has synonym names Almuñeco, Listán Morado or Listán Prieto. Red-wine variety of unknown origin grown in the Canary islands. Productive and vigorous with good resistance to diseases and drought. Lac MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Karsticevica: Listed as grown in Hvar region, Croatia (former Yugoslavia). This medium densely clustered, yellowy-green skinned grape is used to create white wines that can be used to create blends. The vine is rep MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Hárslevelü: Has many synonym names (see Geilweilerhof database in Foreword above). V.vinifera cultivar traditional to the Debr? region of Hungary. Ripens late, but before Furmint, on large clusters of fairly loos MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Garonnet: Has synonym name Seyve Villard 18-283. Complex variety derived from a Chancellor x (Le) Subereux cross. Has early budbreak and so in danger of frost damage. Listed as usually ripening in late mid-seas MORE