Science / Weather / Dust: Small particles of earth or other matter suspended in the air. It is reported as 'DU' in an observation and for wide spread dust on the METAR.

Blowing Dust

Science / Weather / Blowing Dust: Dust that is raised by the wind to heights of six feet or greater. It is reported as 'BLDU' in an observation and on the METAR. MORE

Extractive Industries

Science / Geology / Extractive Industries: Industries involved in mineral resource exploration, acquisition, assessment, development or production. MORE

Dust Cover-Cap

Technology / Home Audio / Dust Cover-Cap: A rigid cardboard or plastic dome placed over the opening to the voice coil cylinder in a dynamic cone driver. The main purpose is to prevent dust from falling into the voice coil-magnet gap and causi MORE

Dust Devil

Science / Weather / Dust Devil: A small, rapidly rotating column of wind, made visible by the dust, dirt or debris it picks up. It usually occurs in arid or semi-arid areas and is most likely to develop on clear, dry, hot afternoons MORE

Industrial Crops

Business / Agriculture / Industrial Crops: Crops that primarily have industrial applications in contrast to food or livestock feed uses. Industrial uses account for a relatively small but a growing and potentially much larger share of the mark MORE

Industrial Psychology

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Industrial Psychology: Applied psychology concerned with the study of human behavior in the workplace and how to efficiently manage an industrial labor force and problems encountered by employees. MORE