Science / Weather / Dynamics: A branch of mechanics that deals with forces and their relations to patterns of motion. In metorology, this relates especially to wind and water patterns.

Reposturing Dynamics

Health / Massage / Reposturing Dynamics: Reposturing dynamics is a system of stretches and massage techniques designed to restore balance and flexibility to the body. Reposturing dynamics is participatory, with lots of breathing and many str MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Aerodynamics: Motorcycle aerodynamics refers to bike designs that have as little air resistance as possible to achieve greater speeds or to improve rider comfort. Wind tunnels aid manufacturers in their development MORE

Group Dynamics

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Group Dynamics: The social manner in which people interact with each other within a group. MORE

Human Energy Dynamics

Health / Massage / Human Energy Dynamics: This therapy, though similar to reiki, uses the English language instead of symbols. It involves setting up and normalizing polarities, as well as bringing universal energy into structures of the body MORE

First Law Of Thermodynamics (Conservation)

Science / Biology / First Law Of Thermodynamics (Conservation): Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it changes from one form to another. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Thermodynamics: The study of energy transfers and transformations. MORE