Science / Weather / Echo: The energy return of a radar signal after it has hit the target.

Other Words for Echo

Echo Verb Synonyms: imitate, ape, parrot, mimic, copy, duplicate, reproduce, simulate, repeat, emulate, mirror, reflect
Echo Noun Synonyms: reverberation, repercussion, repetition, iteration, reiteration

Clear-Air Echos

Technology / Radar / Clear-Air Echos: Radar returns from cloud- and precipitation-free (optical clear) air. Clear-air echos are caused by bragg scatter and insects. Bragg scatter comes from small-scale fluctuations of the refractive index MORE

Echo Box Performance Monitor

Technology / Radar / Echo Box Performance Monitor: An accessory which is used for tuning the radar receiver and checking overall performance by visual inspection. An artificial echo as received from the echo box will appear as a narrow plume from the MORE

Hook Echo

Science / Weather / Hook Echo: A radar reflectivity pattern observed in a thunderstorm, appearing like a fish hook and indicating favorable conditions for tornadic development. However, hook echoes and tornadoes do not always accom MORE

Bow Echo

Science / Weather / Bow Echo: A radar echo signature often associated with severe thunderstorms, especially those that produce wind damage. It is bent outward in a 'bow' shape. MORE

Line Echo Wave Pattern (LEWP)

Science / Weather / Line Echo Wave Pattern (LEWP): A wave-shaped bulge in a line of thunderstorms. It may often be seen as a 'S'-shaped radar echo signature and is often associated with severe weather. MORE

Anechoic Chamber

Technology / Home Audio / Anechoic Chamber: A special room that is constructed without acoustically reflective surfaces, such that it is without echoes, or an-echo-ic. This experimental setup enables engineers to more precisely measure the acou MORE