Science / Weather / Eddy: A small disturbance of wind in a large wind flow, which can produce turbulent conditions. They can also be areas of warmer air north of the main westerlies or colder air south of the westerlies. In oceanic circulation, it is a circular movement of water usually formed where currents pass obstructions, between two adjacent currents flowing counter to each other, or along the edge of a permanent current.

Other Words for Eddy

Eddy Noun Synonyms: swirl, whirl, turn, spin
Eddy Adjective Synonyms: swirl, whirl, vortex, gurgitation, whirlpool, maelstrom, Charybdis, dust devil, whirlwind, twister, tornado, cyclone, typhoon, hurricane, waterspout

Eddy Current

Health / Fitness / Eddy Current: A type of resistance that works electromagnetically with a precision-balanced aluminum disk that spins freely between variable magnetic fields. Because of the very few moving parts and no friction, ed MORE

Catalina Eddy

Science / Weather / Catalina Eddy: A weak low pressure circulation that may form off the Southern California coast. MORE


Technology / Motors / Laminations: The steel portion of the rotor and stator cores made up of a series of thin laminations (sheets) which are stacked and fastened together by cleats, rivets or welds. Laminations are used instead of a s MORE