Science / Weather / Eye: The center of a tropical storm or hurricane, characterized by a roughly circular area of light winds and rain-free skies. An eye will usually develop when the maximum sustained wind speeds exceed 78 mph. It can range in size from as small as 5 miles to up to 60 miles, but the average size is 20 miles. In general, when the eye begins to shrink in size, the storm is intensifying.

Other Words for Eye

Eye Verb Synonyms: eyeball, orb, optic
Eye Noun Synonyms: discernment, perception, taste, judgment, discrimination, percipience, perspicacity, appreciation, sensitivity, knowledge, recognition, comprehension
Eye Adjective Synonyms: vision, (eye)sight, visual acuity, perception

Eye Exercises

Health / Yoga / Eye Exercises: A warm-up pose. Roll your eyes in different directions. Rub your eyes with warm palms. MORE


Technology / Digital Cameras / Red-Eye: The red glow from a subject's eyes caused by light from a flash reflecting off the blood vessels behind the retina in the eye. The effect is most common when light levels are low, outdoor at night, or MORE

Level Your Eyes

Health / Pilates / Level Your Eyes: To focus your eyes horizontally straight ahead of you. Leveling your eyes will help maintain proper neck and head placement, as well as enhance your balance. MORE