Feeder Bands

Science / Weather / Feeder Bands: In tropical parlance, the lines or bands of thunderstorms that spiral into and around the center of a tropical system. Also known as outer convective bands, a typical hurricane may have three or more of these bands. They occur in advance of the main rain shield and are usually 40 to 80 miles apart. In thunderstorm development, they are the lines or bands of low level clouds that move or feed into the updraft region of a thunderstorm.

Mucous-Bag Suspension Feeder

Science / Marine Biology / Mucous-Bag Suspension Feeder: Suspension feeder employing a sheet or bag of mucus to trap particles nonselectively MORE

Ingestive Feeders

Science / Biology / Ingestive Feeders: Animals that ingest food through a mouth. MORE

Sea Bands

Life Style / Travel / Sea Bands: A product resembling a bracelet that is worn on the wrists and operates via accupressure. Wearers claim that seasickness can be avoided by their use, thus eliminating the need for drugs such as dramam MORE