Science / Weather / Filling: Used in describing the history of a low pressure system or an area of cyclonic circulation, it means an increase in the central pressure of the system. Although it usually describes the action of a pressure system on a constant pressure chart, it also means a surface low is decreasing in cyclonic circulation and losing its characteristics. The opposite of deepening.

Other Words for Filling

Filling Verb Synonyms: filler, stuffing, padding, wadding, contents, components, innards

Retrograde Filling

Health / Dentistry / Retrograde Filling: A method of sealing the root canal by preparing and filling it from the root tip, generally done at the completion of an apicoectomy. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Sizing: Very dilute, gluey substance used to prepare surfaces for coating by filling in pores and giving even absorbance. MORE


Business / Finance / Assignment: The receipt of an exercise notice by an options writer that requires the writer to sell (in the case of a call) or purchase (in the case of a put) the underlying security at the specified strike price MORE