Science / Weather / Flood: High water flow or an overflow of rivers or streams from their natural or artificial banks, inundating adjacent low lying areas.

Other Words for Flood

Flood Noun Synonyms: abundance, deluge, overflowing, surge, outpouring, torrent, tide, tidal wave, stream, rush, flow, glut, surfeit, satiety, profusion, over-abundance, superabundance, nimiety, plethora, excess, surplus, superfluity
Flood Verb Synonyms: inundation, deluge, overflow(ing), d‚bƒcle

Flood Current

Science / Tides and Currents / Flood Current: The movement of a tidal cur-rent toward the shore or up a tidal river or estuary. In the mixed type of reversing current, the terms greater flood and lesser flood are applied respectively to the two f MORE

Flood Hazard Areas

Business / Real Estate / Flood Hazard Areas: Locations specified on Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) maps indicating areas that are subject to flooding. The sellers agent is required to inform potential buyers if the agent has knowledg MORE

Watershed And Flood Prevention Act Of 1954

Business / Agriculture / Watershed And Flood Prevention Act Of 1954: P.L. 83-566 (August 4, 1954) established USDA’s small watershed program administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service: purposes of projects built under this authority include flood redu MORE

Flood Plain

Science / Geology / Flood Plain: An area of alluvium-covered, relatively level land along the banks of a stream that is covered with water when the stream leaves its channel during a time of high flow. MORE

Flash Flood

Science / Weather / Flash Flood: A flood that rises and falls quite rapidly with little or no advance warning, usually as the result of intense rainfall over a relatively small area. Flash floods can be caused by situations such as a MORE

Flood Interval

Science / Tides and Currents / Flood Interval: The interval between the transit of the Moon over the meridian of a place and the time of the following flood strength. MORE