Science / Weather / Fog: A visible aggregate of minute water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the surface of the earth, reducing horizontal visibility to less than 5/8 statute miles. It is created when the temperature and the dew point of the air have become the same, or nearly the same, and sufficient condensation nuclei are present. It is reported as 'FG' in an observation and on the METAR.

Other Words for Fog

Fog Noun Synonyms: mist, haze, smog, vapour, cloud, pea-souper
Fog Verb Synonyms: trance, daze, stupor, brown study, confused state, coma

Fog Bank

Science / Weather / Fog Bank: A fairly well-defined mass of fog observed in the distance. Most commonly seen at sea, over a lake, or along coastal areas. MORE

Advection Fog

Science / Weather / Advection Fog: Fog that develops when warm moist air moves over a colder surface, cooling that air to below its dew point. MORE

Tule Fog

Science / Weather / Tule Fog: Ground fog in the central valley of California and the leading cause of weather-related casualties in that state. It forms at night and in the early morning when the ground cools, lowering the air tem MORE