Frontal Passage

Science / Weather / Frontal Passage: It is the passage of a front over a specific point on the surface. It is reflected by the change in dew point and temperature, the shift in wind direction, and the change in atmospheric pressure. Accompanying a passage may be precipitation and clouds. May be referred to as 'fropa.'

Other Words for Passage

Passage Adjective Synonyms: movement, moving, going, transition, transit, traversal, traverse, progress, crossing, passing

Pre-Frontal Squall Line

Science / Weather / Pre-Frontal Squall Line: A line of thunderstorms that precedes an advancing cold front. MORE

Pre-Frontal Trough

Science / Weather / Pre-Frontal Trough: An elongated area of relatively low pressure preceding a cold front that is usually associated with a shift in wind direction. MORE

Purple Passage

Life Style / Poetry / Purple Passage: Lines that stand out from a longer poem because of their vivid diction or figures of speech, and perhaps because of the agitated flush that rises in the face of someone trying to recite it. MORE

Frontal Lobe

Science / Biology / Frontal Lobe: The lobe of the cerebral cortex that is responsible for motor activity, speech, and thought processes. MORE

Passage Contract

Life Style / Travel / Passage Contract: Detailed terms of responsibility and accountability found in the cruise ticket. MORE

Mirror Passage

Entertainment / Literature / Mirror Passage: A section of a story that might not contribute directly to the plot (i.e., it contains characters divorced from the main narrative, and the events it deals with do not further the action) but which do MORE