Science / Weather / Frost: The covering of ice crystals that forms by direct sublimation on exposed surfaces whose temperature is below freezing.


Science / Weather / Hoarfrost: Another name for frost. A deposit of hoarfrost occurs when air with a dew point below freezing is brought to saturation by cooling. MORE

Frost Line

Business / Construction / Frost Line: The depth of frost penetration in soil and/or the depth at which the earth will freeze and swell. This depth varies in different parts of the country. MORE

Frost Lid

Business / Construction / Frost Lid: Round metal lid that is installed on a water meter pit. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Interlaken: Derived from the same parents as Himrod, this hybrid seedless variety is mainly recommended for use as a strongly flavored table or raisin grape. Usually buds late May and ripens by late August. Capab MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Juhfark: Ancient variety, having numerous synonym names, currently restricted to the region north of Balaton, Hungary. Flowers early in season, ripening med/late to produce compact bunches of small berries wit MORE

Kozma Csvt 55

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Kozma Csvt 55: V.vinifera variety red-skin grape claimed to be derived from a Rayon d'Or x Perle von Csaba cross - (? via selected seedling S. 13666) by Pal Kozma at Szigetcsep, Hungary and currently under test (200 MORE