Science / Weather / Gale: On the Beaufort Wind Scale, a wind with speeds from 28 to 55 knots (32 to 63 miles per hour). For marine interests, it can be categorized as a moderate gale (28 to 33 knots), a fresh gale (34 to 40 knots), a strong gale (41 to 47 knots), or a whole gale (48 to 55 knots). In 1964, the World Meteorological Organization defined the categories as near gale (28 to 33 knots), gale (34 to 40 knots), strong gale (41 to 47 knots), and storm (48 to 55 knots).

Other Words for Gale

Gale Noun Synonyms: wind-storm, strong wind, (big or hard) blow, blast, turbulence, storm, tempest
Gale Adjective Synonyms: outburst, burst, explosion, eruption, peal, roar, scream, shout, howl, shriek

Gale Warning

Science / Weather / Gale Warning: A warning for marine interests for impending winds from 28 to 47 knots (32 to 54 miles per hour). MORE


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