Science / Weather / Glaze: A smooth clear icy coating of supercooled water droplets that spread out and freeze onto objects on contact. A storm that produces the accretion of glaze is called an ice storm.

Other Words for Glaze

Glaze Adjective Synonyms: varnish, lacquer, shellac, enamel, coat, cover, polish, burnish, shine, gloss

Glazed Wash

Life Style / Painting / Glazed Wash: Any transparent wash of color laid over a dry, previously painted area. Used to adjust color, value, or intensity of underlying painting. (Glaze) See our tutorial. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Glazer: Machine on which wet fiber base prints are placed face down in contact with a polished surface, such a chromed steel, and held by tension. The surface is then heated to dry the print. MORE


Business / Construction / Reglaze: To replace a broken window. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Distressing: Treatment of furniture, usually in the process of being antiqued, in order to make it appear older than it is. Consists of marring the surface or applying specks of glaze before varnishing. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Frottis: Thin transparent or semi-transparent glazes rubbed into the ground in the intitial phases of an oil painting. From the French term 'frotter', meaning 'to rub'. MORE

Pigment In Paint

Life Style / Painting / Pigment In Paint: For details of lakes, glazes and other artist-colourants, see: Colour Pigments, History, Types. MORE