Science / Weather / Gravity: The force of attraction of the earth on an object. The direction is downward relative to the earth, and it decreases with elevation or altitude away from the earth's surface.

Other Words for Gravity

Gravity Noun Synonyms: seriousness, acuteness, immediacy, importance, significance, weight, magnitude, severity, urgency, exigency, momentousness, weightiness
Gravity Adjective Synonyms: gravitation, attraction

Gravity Wave

Science / Tides and Currents / Gravity Wave: A wave for which the restoring force is gravity. MORE

Gravity Anomaly

Science / Geology / Gravity Anomaly: The value of gravity left after subtracting from a gravity measurement the reference value based on latitude, and possibly the free-air and Bouguer corrections. MORE

Specific Gravity

Science / Chemistry / Specific Gravity: The mass of a unit volume of a substance relative to the mass of a unit volume of water. Temperature must be specified when reporting specific gravities, since the density of the substance and of wate MORE

Gravity Survey

Science / Geology / Gravity Survey: The measurement of gravity at regularly spaced grid points with repetitions to control instrument drift. MORE

Center Of Gravity (Cg)

Technology / Aviation / Center Of Gravity (Cg): The longitudinal and lateral point in an aircraft where it is stable: the static balance point. MORE

Center of Pressure (CP)

Technology / Rockets / Center of Pressure (CP): The center of pressure is the point in an object at which all forces acting upon it are centered. In the case of a model rocket, forces acting upon it include gravity, the thrust of the motor, and aer MORE