Ground Clutter

Science / Weather / Ground Clutter: A pattern of radar echoes reflecting off fixed ground targets such as buildings or hills near the radar. This may hide or confuse the proper return echo signifying actual precipitation.

Other Words for Clutter

Clutter Noun Synonyms: mess, litter, jumble, mishmash, olla podrida, confusion, hash, gallimaufry, hotchpotch or also hodgepodge, muddle, farrago, medley

Other Words for Ground

Ground Adjective Synonyms: earth, soil, turf, sod, dirt, loam, clay, land, terrain
Ground Noun Synonyms: base, establish, organize, found, settle, set

Grounded Motor

Technology / Motors / Grounded Motor: A motor with an electrical connection between the motor frame and ground. MORE

Ground Water Recharge Area

Science / Geology / Ground Water Recharge Area: A location where surface water or precipitation can infiltrate into the ground and replenish the water supply of an aquifer. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Grounder: A ground ball. MORE

Groundhog Day

Life Style / Holiday / Groundhog Day: Groundhogs are suppose to come out of hibernation on February 2 to see how the weather is doing. If the sun is shining and they see a shadow they are said to be frightened and go back inside. Those wh MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Groundies: A forehand or backhand shot that is executed after the ball bounces once on the court MORE

Ground Water

Science / Geology / Ground Water: Water that exists below the water table in the zone of saturation. Ground water moves slowly in the same direction that the water table slopes. MORE