Ground Fog

Science / Weather / Ground Fog: Fog created when radiational cooling at the earth's surface lowers the temperature of the air near the ground to or below its initial dew point. Primarily takes place at night or early morning.

Other Words for Fog

Fog Verb Synonyms: trance, daze, stupor, brown study, confused state, coma
Fog Noun Synonyms: mist, haze, smog, vapour, cloud, pea-souper

Other Words for Ground

Ground Noun Synonyms: base, establish, organize, found, settle, set
Ground Adjective Synonyms: earth, soil, turf, sod, dirt, loam, clay, land, terrain

Tule Fog

Science / Weather / Tule Fog: Ground fog in the central valley of California and the leading cause of weather-related casualties in that state. It forms at night and in the early morning when the ground cools, lowering the air tem MORE

Ground Water Recharge Area

Science / Geology / Ground Water Recharge Area: A location where surface water or precipitation can infiltrate into the ground and replenish the water supply of an aquifer. MORE

Ground Water

Science / Geology / Ground Water: Water that exists below the water table in the zone of saturation. Ground water moves slowly in the same direction that the water table slopes. MORE

Grounded Motor

Technology / Motors / Grounded Motor: A motor with an electrical connection between the motor frame and ground. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Grounder: A ground ball. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Groundlings: While the upper class paid two pennies to sit in the raised area with seats, and some nobles paid three pennies to sit in the Lords' rooms, the majority of viewers who watched Shakespeare's plays were MORE