Science / Weather / Gust: A sudden significant increase in or rapid fluctuations of wind speed. Peak wind must reach at least 16 knots (18 miles per hour) and the variation between peaks and lulls is at least 10 knots (11.5 miles per hour). The duration is usually less twenty seconds.

Other Words for Gust

Gust Noun Synonyms: puff, blow, wind, breeze, blast
Gust Adjective Synonyms: puff, blow, blast, surge, increase

First Gust

Science / Weather / First Gust: Another name for the initial wind surge observed at the surface as the result of downdrafts forming the leading edge or gust front of a thunderstorm. MORE


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Gust Front

Science / Weather / Gust Front: The leading edge of the cool, gusty surface winds produced by thunderstorm downdrafts. Sometimes confused with an outflow boundary. MORE


Science / Weather / Gustnado: A weak, and usually short-lived, tornado that forms along the gust front of a thunderstorm, appearing as a temporary dust whirl or debris cloud. MORE

Peak Gust

Science / Weather / Peak Gust: The highest instantaneous wind speed observed or recorded. MORE

Gustatory Imagery

Entertainment / Literature / Gustatory Imagery: Imagery dealing with taste. This is opposed to visual imagery, dealing with sight, auditory imagery, dealing with sound, tactile imagery, dealing with touch, and olfactory imagery, dealing with scent. MORE