Science / Weather / Haze: A suspension of fine dust and/or smoke particles in the air. Invisible to the naked eye, the particles reduce visibility by being sufficiently numerous to give the air an opalescent appearance. It is reported as 'HZ' in an observation and on the METAR.

UV-Haze Filter

Technology / Digital Cameras / UV-Haze Filter: Protects lens and enhances some photographs. MORE


Science / Astrology / Athazer: A term applied by the ancients to the Moon when it forms an exact conjunction, semi-square, square, quincunx or opposition with the Sun or is separated from the sun by 12° or 160°. MORE

Witch Hazel

Health / First Aid / Witch Hazel: A small shrub found in the southern US used for antiseptic properties. MORE


Science / Weather / Smoke: Small particles produced by combustion that are suspended in the air. A transition to haze may occur when the smoke particles have traveled great distance (25 to 100 miles or more), and when the large MORE

Camera Obscura

Entertainment / Photography / Camera Obscura: Origin of the present day camera. In its simplest form it consisted of a darkened room with a small hole in one wall. Light rays could pass through the hole to transmit on to a screen, and inverted im MORE

Villard Blanc

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Villard Blanc: Has technical synonym name Seyve-Villard 12-375. French-american hybrid grape derived from a Seibel 6468 x Seibel 6905 cross. Vigorous, productive, fungus disease resistant. Used mostly for making a f MORE