Heat Wave

Science / Weather / Heat Wave: A period of abnormally and uncomfortably hot weather. It could last from several days to several weeks. The Weather Channel uses the following criteria for a heat wave: a minimum of ten states must have 90°F plus temperatures and the temperatures must be at least five degrees above normal in parts of that area for at least two days or more.

Other Words for Heat

Heat Adjective Synonyms: warmth, warmness, hotness, fever, fieriness, torridity or torridness
Heat Noun Synonyms: warm (up)

Other Words for Wave

Wave Adjective Synonyms: swell, undulation, billow, sea, heave, roller, whitecap, white horse, ripple, wavelet, breaker, comber

Roof Sheathing Or Sheeting

Business / Construction / Roof Sheathing Or Sheeting: The wood panels or sheet material fastened to the roof rafters or trusses on which the shingle or other roof covering is laid. MORE

Rossby Waves

Science / Weather / Rossby Waves: The movement of ridges and troughs in the upper wind patterns, primarily the jet stream, circling the earth. Named for Carl-Gustaf Rossby, a U.S. Weather Bureau (NWS) employee, who first theorized abo MORE

Refraction (Wave)

Science / Geology / Refraction (Wave): The departure of a wave from its original direction of travel at the interface with a material of different index of refraction (light) or seismic wave velocity (see also Seismic refraction). MORE