Science / Weather / Horizon: One of several lines or planes used as reference for observation and measurement relative to a given location on the surface of the earth. The geographic horizon, also called the apparent horizon, is the distant line along which earth and sky appear to meet. This is the usual concept of horizon and is used in weather observing. The local horizon is the actual lower boundary of the observed sky or the upper outline of terrestrial objects including nearby natural obstructions, such as mountains.

Other Words for Horizon

Horizon Adjective Synonyms: view, purview, range, scope, vista, compass, perspective, prospect, ken, field of vision, limit(s)

Horizon Return

Business / Finance / Horizon Return: An analysis of returns using total return to assess performance over some investment horizon. MORE

Horizontal Endosteal Implant

Health / Dentistry / Horizontal Endosteal Implant: Flat, blade-shaped implants of varying thickness which derive their support from a horizontal length of bone. They can be perforated, smooth, flouted, textured, coated, vented, multiheaded and submerg MORE

Horizontal Wine Tasting

Life Style / Wine / Horizontal Wine Tasting: A tasting of a group of wines from the same vintage or representing the same style of wine (such as all Pinot noirs from different wineries in a region), as opposed to a vertical tasting which involve MORE