Science / Weather / Humidity: The amount of water vapor in the air. It is often confused with relative humidity or dew point.

Relative Humidity

Science / Weather / Relative Humidity: A type of humidity that considers the ratio of the actual vapor pressure of the air to the saturation vapor pressure. It is usually expressed in percentage. MORE

Absolute Humidity

Science / Weather / Absolute Humidity: A type of humidity that considers the mass of water vapor present per unit volume of space. Also considered as the density of the water vapor. It is usually expressed in grams per cubic meter. MORE

Specific Humidity

Science / Weather / Specific Humidity: The ratio of the density of the water vapor to the density of the air, a mix of dry air and water vapor. It is expressed in grams per gram or in grams per kilograms. The specific humidity of an air pa MORE

Warm Front

Science / Weather / Warm Front: The leading edge of an advancing warm air mass that is replacing a retreating relatively colder air mass. Generally, with the passage of a warm front, the temperature and humidity increase, the pressu MORE


Science / Weather / Rawinsonde: An upper air observation that evaluates the winds, temperature, relative humidity, and pressure aloft by means of a balloon-attached radiosonde that is tracked by a radar or radio direction-finder. It MORE


Science / Weather / Radiosonde: An instrument attached to a weather balloon used to measure pressure, temperature, humidity, and winds aloft. Observations are made when the radiosonde is aloft and emits radio signals as it ascends. MORE