Ice Jam

Science / Weather / Ice Jam: An accumulation of broken river ice caught in a narrow channel, frequently producing local flooding. Primarily occurs during a thaw in the late winter or early spring.

Other Words for Jam

Jam Verb Synonyms: cram, force, push, wedge, stuff, press, ram, squeeze, shove, pack, crowd
Jam Noun Synonyms: block, obstruct, congest, fill up, clog, plug, stop up

Prepaid Ticket Advice

Life Style / Travel / Prepaid Ticket Advice: A form used when purchasing an air ticket to be picked up and used by someone else at another airport. E-tickets have reduced the need for this greatly. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Price: Reported to be a V.labrusca variety derived from a (Hector x Seibel 13035) x (Fredonia x Athens) complex cross. Hardier (frost resistant to -25 F ie. -32 C) than Concord it also ripens (ie. similar to MORE

Price Change

Business / Finance / Price Change: Increase or decrease in the closing price of a security compared to the previous day's closing price. MORE

Prepaid Group Practices

Health / Health Insurance / Prepaid Group Practices: Term originally used to describe healthcare systems that later became known as health maintenance organizations. MORE

Preliminary Notice

Business / Real Estate / Preliminary Notice: Notifies a customer that work to be completed is subject to the lien rights of the contractor. Preliminary notice must be given prior to recording of a mechanics lien, and should be filed by a contrac MORE

Practice Round

Entertainment / Golf / Practice Round: A round of golf usually thought of as being for the purpose of familiarizing a player with a particular course, and referred to specifically to differentiate it from a round in a competition MORE