Lake Effect Snow

Science / Weather / Lake Effect Snow: Snow showers that are created when cold dry air passes over a large warmer lake, such as one of the Great Lakes, and picks up moisture and heat.

Other Words for Effect

Effect Adjective Synonyms: result, consequence, outcome, conclusion, upshot, aftermath, impact
Effect Noun Synonyms: effectiveness, efficacy, force, power, capacity, potency, influence, impression, impact, clout, punch

Resonance Effect

Science / Chemistry / Resonance Effect: If electron density at a particular point in a molecule is higher or lower than what you'd expect from a single Lewis structure, and various canonical structures can be drawn to show how electron delo MORE

Reverse Bohr Effect

Science / Marine Biology / Reverse Bohr Effect: Effect that occurs when lactate builds up in the blood of certain invertebrates and ph decreases, increasing the affinity of hemocyanin for oxygen MORE

Sabattier Effect

Entertainment / Photography / Sabattier Effect: Part positive part negative effect formed when an emulsion is briefly re-exposed to white light during development, and then allowed to continue development. Also known as pseudo-solarization. MORE

Proximity Effect

Technology / Home Audio / Proximity Effect: An increase in the bass response of some microphones as the distance between the mike and its sound source is decreased. MORE

Precedence Effect

Technology / Home Audio / Precedence Effect: Also known as the Haas effect, this phenomenon identifies the tendency for the ear to attribute all perceived sound to the nearest emitter, even if a more distant speaker is actually louder. Thus, dru MORE

P-E Effect

Business / Finance / P-E Effect: That portfolios with low P-E stocks exhibit higher average risk-adjusted returns than those with high P-E stocks. Related: Value manager. MORE