Latent Heat

Science / Weather / Latent Heat: The energy released or absorbed during a change of state.

Other Words for Heat

Heat Adjective Synonyms: warmth, warmness, hotness, fever, fieriness, torridity or torridness
Heat Noun Synonyms: warm (up)

Latent Content

Science / Psychiatry / Latent Content: The hidden (i.e., unconscious) meaning of thoughts or actions, especially in dreams or fantasies. In dreams, it is expressed in distorted, disguised, condensed, and symbolic form. MORE

International Wheat Agreement (IWA)

Business / Agriculture / International Wheat Agreement (IWA): Replaced in 1995 by the International Grains Agreement. MORE

Latent Defect

Business / Real Estate / Latent Defect: A hidden structural defect that would not be discovered by ordinary inspection and that threatens the propertys soundness or the safety of its inhabitants. Some states impose on sellers and licensees MORE

Latent Heat

Science / Chemistry / Latent Heat: Heat that is absorbed without causing a rise in temperature. For example, 'latent heat of vaporization' refers to the amount of heat required to convert a liquid to vapor at a particular temperature. MORE

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI): This mouthful just means that the search engines index commonly associated groups of words in a document. SEOs refer to these same groups of words as "Long Tail Searches". The majority of searches con MORE

Latent Image

Entertainment / Photography / Latent Image: Invisible image produced by exposure which can be made visible by development. MORE