Science / Weather / Maximum: The greatest value attained by a function, for example, temperature, pressure, or wind speed. The opposite of minimum.

Other Words for Maximum

Maximum Noun Synonyms: most, utmost, uttermost, greatest, peak, extreme, extremity, pinnacle, top, highest, (upper) limit

Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSy)

Science / Biology / Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSy): The maximum number of a food or game population that can be harvested without harming the populations ability to grow back. MORE

Maximum Benefit Period (Benefit Duration)

Health / Dentistry / Maximum Benefit Period (Benefit Duration): This is the maximum length of time for which benefits are payable under the plan as long as the employee remains continuously disabled. MORE

Maximum Takeoff Weight

Technology / Aviation / Maximum Takeoff Weight: The maximum weight of any aircraft on takeoff without exceeding its load factor. (MTOW) MORE

Repitition Maximum (Rm)

Health / Fitness / Repitition Maximum (Rm): This is the maximum number of repetitions per set that can be performed at a given resistance with proper lifting technique. Thus, a set at a certain RM implies the set is performed to momentary volun MORE

Maximum Stay

Life Style / Travel / Maximum Stay: The maximum time you may stay at your destination in order to qualify for a specific airfare. Normally most fares have a 30-day limit, but some are less. Usually, the longer you stay, the higher the f MORE

Maximum Unambiguous Range

Technology / Radar / Maximum Unambiguous Range: The pulse-repetition frequency (prf) of a radar system determines the maximum operating range of the radar before ambiguities start to occur. This is called the maximum unambiguous range of MORE