Science / Weather / Mesoscale: The scale of meteorological phenomena that range in size from several kilometers to around 100 kilometers. This includes MCCs, MCSs, and squall lines. Smaller phenomena are classified as microscale while larger are classified as synoptic-scale.

Mesoscale Convective Complex (MCC)

Science / Weather / Mesoscale Convective Complex (MCC): A large mesoscale convective system (MCS) which is about the size of the state of Ohio or Iowa and lasts at least 6 hours. Generally forming during the afternoon and evening, the complex normally reac MORE

Mesoscale Convective System (MCS)

Science / Weather / Mesoscale Convective System (MCS): A large organized convective weather system comprised of a number of individual thunderstorms. It normally persists for several hours and may be rounded or linear in shape. This term is often used to MORE

Dry Slot

Science / Weather / Dry Slot: An area of dry, and usually cloud-free, air that wraps into the southern and eastern sections of a synoptic scale or mesoscale low pressure system. Best seen on a satellite picture, such as a water va MORE


Science / Weather / Microscale: The smallest scale of meteorological phenomena that range in size from a few centimeters to a few kilometers. Larger phenomena are classified as mesoscale. It also refers to small scale meteorological MORE