Science / Weather / Mist: A collection of microscopic water droplets suspended in the atmosphere. It does not reduce visibility as much as fog and is often confused with drizzle.

Other Words for Mist

Mist Noun Synonyms: fog, haze, smog, (low-hanging) cloud, vapour, drizzle, mizzle


Science / Chemistry / Stereochemistry: Stereochemistry is the study of how the properties of a compound are affected by the spatial positions of groups within its molecules. Stereochemistry is also concerned with determining the structure MORE

Physical Chemistry

Science / Chemistry / Physical Chemistry: A branch of chemistry that studies chemical phenomena from a physical and mathematical perspective. Physical chemistry includes chemical thermodynamics, kinetics, spectroscopy, quantum chemistry, and MORE

Medicinal Chemistry

Science / Chemistry / Medicinal Chemistry: A branch of chemistry concerned with the discovery, design, synthesis, and investigation of biologically active compounds and reactions that these compounds undergo in living things. MORE


Science / Biology / Biochemistry: Chemical processes associated with living things. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Chemistry: The study of matter and its transformations. See What is chemistry? For other definitions. MORE


Life Style / Christmas / Mistletoe: A parasitic plant, species of which are found in Europe, Asia, and North America, having evergreen leaves and bearing white berries and small, yellow flowers. Often used as a Christmas decoration. The MORE