Science / Weather / Moisture: Refers to the water vapor content in the atmosphere, or the total water, liquid, solid or vapor, in a given volume of air.

Moisture Resistance

Life Style / Painting / Moisture Resistance: The ability of a paint or stain to resis swelling, blistering or other damage caused by moisture. MORE

High Moisture Feed Grains

Business / Agriculture / High Moisture Feed Grains: Corn and grain sorghum must have moisture content below CCC standards in order to qualify for marketing assistance loans. However, the FAIR Act of 1996 makes recourse loans available to producers of c MORE

Soil Moisture Zone

Business / Agriculture / Soil Moisture Zone: Depth of soil from which plant roots extract water. MORE

Air Mass

Science / Weather / Air Mass: An extensive body of air throughout which the horizontal temperature and moisture characteristics are similar. MORE


Science / Weather / Advection: The horizontal transfer of any property in the atmosphere by the movement of air (wind). Examples include heat and moisture advection. MORE

K Index

Science / Weather / K Index: The measure of thunderstorm potential based on the vertical temperature lapse rate, the moisture content of the lower atmosphere and the vertical extent of the moist layer. MORE