Mountain Breeze

Science / Weather / Mountain Breeze: A katabatic wind, it is formed at night by the radiational cooling along mountainsides. As the slopes become colder than the surrounding atmosphere, the lower levels of air cool and drain to the lowest point of the terrain. It may reach several hundred feet in depth, and extreme cases, attain speeds of 50 knots or greater. It blows in the opposite direction of a valley breeze.

Other Words for Breeze

Breeze Noun Synonyms: breath, puff, zephyr, wind, draught, gust, cat's-paw

Other Words for Mountain

Mountain Noun Synonyms: height, elevation, mount, eminence, prominence, peak, alp, tor, summit, fell, Irish English ben

Valley Breeze

Science / Weather / Valley Breeze: An anabatic wind, it is formed during the day by the heating of the valley floor. As the ground becomes warmer than the surrounding atmosphere, the lower levels of air heat and rise, flowing up the mo MORE

Mountain Bike

Health / Fitness / Mountain Bike: A fat-tire outdoors bicycle with upright handlebars that is built to withstand rough terrain. MORE

Mountain (Tadasana)

Health / Yoga / Mountain (Tadasana): A standing pose. Stand straight with your feet together and flat on the floor. Fan out your toes so that your weight is even. Relax your shoulders and lift and rotate the thighs inward to open the fro MORE