Science / Weather / Newton: The unit of force giving a mass of about one kilogram (2.205 pounds) an acceleration of about one meter (1 yard) per second per second.

Non-Newtonian Fluid

Science / Chemistry / Non-Newtonian Fluid: A fluid whose viscosity changes when the gradient in flow speed changes. Colloidal suspensions and polymer solutions like ketchup and starch/water paste are non-Newtonian fluids. MORE

Newtonian Fluid

Science / Chemistry / Newtonian Fluid: A fluid whose viscosity doesn't depend on gradients in flow speed. Gases and low-molecular weight liquids are usually Newtonian fluids. MORE

Newton-Second (N-s)

Technology / Rockets / Newton-Second (N-s): The Newton-second is a measure of total impulse and is the product of applied force multiplied by time. MORE

Newtons Rings

Entertainment / Photography / Newtons Rings: Are rings of colored light produced when two glass or transparent surfaces are in partial contact. MORE

Total Impulse

Technology / Rockets / Total Impulse: The total impulse of a rocket motor is the measure of its power which is measured in Newton seconds. In model & high power rocketry, the total impulse of a motor is indicated by a letter. The table be MORE

Masking Fluid

Life Style / Painting / Masking Fluid: A latex gum product that is used to cover a surface you wish to protect from receiving paint. Miskit by Grumbacher and Art masking fluid by Winsor & Newton are two such products. Also referred to as l MORE