Science / Weather / Night: The period of the day between dusk and dawn.

Other Words for Night

Night Adjective Synonyms: (Stygian or Cimmerian) dark or darkness or blackness or gloom, night-time, shades of night, tenebrosity or tenebrousness or tenebriousness


Entertainment / Literature / Knight: A military aristocrat in medieval Europe and England who swore service as a vassal to a liege lord in exchange for control over land. The term comes from the Old English word cniht, meaning young man MORE

Burns Night

Life Style / Holiday / Burns Night: In many parts of the world, Burns Night is the most celebrated Scottish event. Scots gather to celebrate Robert (Robbie) Burns honored Scottish poet born on this day in 1759. The traditional Scottish MORE

Saturday Night Stay

Life Style / Travel / Saturday Night Stay: The airline requirement that you must stay over a saturday night during a trip in order to obtain the lowest fare. Usually, there is also an advance purchase requirement as well as other rules that ap MORE

Blue Knights

Technology / Motorcycle / Blue Knights: The Blue Knights® is a non-profit fraternal organization consisting of active and retired law enforcement men and women who enjoy riding motorcycles. MORE

White Knight

Business / Finance / White Knight: A person who has knowledge of fraudulent activities inside a firm or government agency, who is protected from the employer's retribution by federal law. MORE

Overnight Delivery Risk

Business / Finance / Overnight Delivery Risk: A risk brought about because differences in time zones between settlement centers require that payment or delivery on one side of a transaction be made without knowing until the next day whether the f MORE