Science / Weather / Opaque: A condition where a material, such as a cloud, blocks the passage of radiant energy, especially light. Opaque sky cover refers to the amount of sky cover that completely hides all that might be above it.

Other Words for Opaque

Opaque Noun Synonyms: dark, murky, dim, turbid, muddy, cloudy, obscure, obscured, obfuscated, black, impermeable, impenetrable, clouded, non-transparent, untransparent, non-translucent, hazy, blurred, blurry, smoky
Opaque Adjective Synonyms: unclear, vague, indefinite, obscure, unfathomable, unplumbable, baffling, mystifying, ambiguous, equivocal, impenetrable, cryptic, enigmatic, puzzling, perplexing, mysterious, elusive, abstruse, arcane, recondite

Opaque Coating

Life Style / Painting / Opaque Coating: A coating that hides the previous surface coating. MORE

Opaque Mineral

Science / Geology / Opaque Mineral: A mineral which transmits no light through a thin section under a microscope. Usually a native metal, sulfide, or metallic oxide mineral. MORE

Opaque Liquid

Entertainment / Photography / Opaque Liquid: Is a dense red or black pigment, dissolved in water to form a liquid paint used to fill in film areas that are required to pint as pure white. MORE

Opaque Stain

Life Style / Painting / Opaque Stain: An exterior stain that obscures the natural color and grain of wood, but still allows the texture to show through. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Glaze: Glossy surface produced on some (non resin coated) printing papers. It is achieved by placing a wet print to to a heated drum or clean polished surface. Glazed print produce denser medium blacks than MORE

Body Color

Life Style / Painting / Body Color: The mixing of opaque white gouache with transparent watercolor; or gouache colors in general. MORE