Science / Weather / Pulse: A very short duration of time. In regard to a radar, it is a brief burst of a electromagnetic radiation emitted by the radar.

Other Words for Pulse

Pulse Verb Synonyms: beat, beating, throb, throbbing, pulsing, pulsating, pulsation, pounding, thrumming, drumming, thumping, thudding, reverberation, reverberating, hammering, palpitation, palpitating, vibration, vibrating

Pulse Volume

Technology / Radar / Pulse Volume: The volume in which the radar data for one range bin are measured. Defined by the width of the radar beam (app. 1°) and half the length of the transmitted pulse. 1 ?µs pulses are 150 m deep, 2 ?µs MORE

Pulse Radar

Technology / Radar / Pulse Radar: A pulse radar transmits a sequence of short pulses of rf energy, and estimates range to the target by measuring the time delay in returned pulses. MORE

Carotid Pulse

Health / Fitness / Carotid Pulse: Pulse located on the both side of the neck, under the jawbone. Used for taking a persons heart rate. MORE

Specific Impulse

Technology / Rockets / Specific Impulse: Specific impulse refers to the power per unit of propellant. For instance, when Aerotech says that their propellant delivers nearly three times the power of the equivalent amount of black powder prop MORE

Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF)

Technology / Radar / Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF): The number of radar pulses transmitted each second. The pulse transmission rate is automatically lengthened for longer ranges. MORE

Pulse Length Error

Technology / Radar / Pulse Length Error: A range distortion of a radar return caused by the duration of the pulse. The error is always on the far side of the return and is equal to the range equivalent of one half the pulse length. For accur MORE