Science / Weather / Radar: Acronym for RAdio Detection And Ranging. An electronic instrument used to detect distant objects and measure their range by how they scatter or reflect radio energy. Precipitation and clouds are detected by measuring the strength of the electromagnetic signal reflected back.

Satellite Radar

Technology / Radar / Satellite Radar: Satellite radar systems can be used for a variety of surveillance applications. MORE

Same Lane Radar

Technology / Radar / Same Lane Radar: Uses dual antenna moving radar to clock vehicles ahead or behind a rolling cruiser. Example: decatur genesis i moving police radar w/ dual k-band antenna. MORE

Radar Reflector

Technology / Radar / Radar Reflector: A metal device designed for reflecting strong echoes of impinging radar signals towards their source. The corner reflector consists of three mutually perpendicular metal plates. Corner reflectors are MORE

Secondary Radar

Technology / Radar / Secondary Radar: A secondary radar system is a cooperative target identification system in which the interrogator transmits an encoded signal to a target. MORE

Airborne Radar

Technology / Radar / Airborne Radar: An airborne radar is carried by an aircraft. MORE

Radar Detector

Technology / Radar / Radar Detector: An electronic device used to find any radar operating in the vicinity. MORE